Poly Pro Concrete Countertop Sealer

SS Poly Pro is a UV resistant, specially formulated, two part, low viscosity acrylic urethane. This product provides a resistant, durable, high gloss protective coating for interior and exterior use on countertops. Its superior UV stability outperforms all similar products in today’s market making it an excellent choice for a sealer on an enCOUNTER countertop.

SS Poly Pro is recommended as an interior primer or a stand alone exterior coating for porous decorative concrete surfaces, including countertops. (Yes you can use this on concrete floors) SS Poly Pro also serves as a suitable primer for topcoats such as SS Water Based Urethane 60. SS Poly Pro may also be suitable as a primer for other manufacturer’s sealers. Check Tech Data for compatibility.



  • Provides high gloss, durable topcoat
  • Superior UV stability outperforms similar products
  • Interior primer or a stand alone exterior coating



SS Poly Pro is available in a 1.25 and 5 gallon kit. This product is available in lower VOC formulations.


Coverage rate

Coverage at 3 mils drf. will be 80 square feet per gallon.


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