enFORCE Thin Wall Concrete Panels

enFORCE is especially formulated to be used with enCOUNTER, the Professional Concrete Countertop System. When enFORCE is used in conjunction with enFLOW the enCOUNTER Mix conveniently conforms to any pre-casting surface leaving an extremely smooth and abrasion resistant surface. enFORCE is an extra heavy-duty fiber offering maximum long term durability with structural enhancements yet will not change the surface appearance after demolding. When used with enFLOW, enFORCE is an essential component to casting thin wall panels used for backsplashes, shower walls and baseboards. See Thin Wall Panel Tech Data for this process.



  • Heavy duty fiber, which will not change the surface appearance
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-magnetic
  • Non-metallic
  • 100% Alkali proof



enFORCE is available per single bag or 8 bags per case.


Coverage Rate

enFORCE is packaged in water disposable bags conveniently sized to dose 4 bags of enCOUNTER Mix.


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