enCOLOR Concrete Countertop Color

enCOLOR colors are pre-dispersed iron oxide pigments solids in an aqueous base liquid. enCOLOR provides an easy integral color solution for pre-cast or cast in place applications. Choose the desired color from the nine colors on the enCOLOR chart. Stir the contents of the enCOLOR bucket thoroughly to insure complete blending of the pigments. After determining the amount of pigment for each bag of enCOUNTER Mix, draw the proper amount into the syringe and squirt into the measured amount of water. The color chart is a guideline, which may be adjusted up or down to vary the shade of color.

Color consistency for multiple bag projects is best achieved with mechanical mixing of four bags of enCOUNTER Mix in a barrel mixer. Combine enough color with the proper amount of water for all four bags in the mixer and then slowly add the four bags of mix. Conduct tests whenever possible prior to application on the larger project.



  • Self-dosing
  • Consistent batch color
  • Easy to use



enCOLOR is available in a 58 ounce bucket with a syringe provided.


Coverage Rate

Choose the appropriate color from the enCOLOR chart as a guideline which may be adjusted up or down to adjust the shade of color.


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