Concrete Countertop Training

When it comes to learning about enCOUNTER's Concrete Countertops, there are three ways get started: books, video’s, and hands on training. If you want to build concrete countertops, we highly suggest you come to training. You will not only get hands on experience, but it’s a great time to ask questions, practice coloring techniques and see it first hand.


Casting Concrete Countertops

Finally there is a simple book for do-it-yourselfers who want to undertake a small countertop project. Follow several countertop projects step-by-step through the process of molding, pour, and finishing. Projects include cast-in-place, pre-cast, and hand-packed. Doug Bannister demonstrates time-tested techniques and his breakthrough formulas for countertops that set up fast and stand up to quick finishing, installation, and long-term use. Years of experience can translate into a weekend project, like the kitchen and bathroom vanity projects illustrated in this wonderful book. The text and captions are presented in both Spanish and English. Written by Tina Skinner and Doug Bannister. 128 pages plus color photos.


Available on DVD or VHS, the enCOUNTER instructional video walks you through the concrete countertop process—mixing, forming, coloring techniques, sealing and more. This video is a “must” for contractors who are serious about concrete countertops or homeowners who are interested in pouring their own concrete countertop.


enCOUNTER distributors have hands training classes across the country. The Stamp Store in OKC is by far the leader of this training and holds