Concrete Countertop Forms

enFORMS are reusable counter top edge liners, which provide an interesting relief with the appearance of granite, sand stone, or coral and sea shells. The decking or pouring surface for the countertop should be cut at a 45° angle to strengthen edge. The enFORM can be attached to the deck with finish nails or staples to keep the form from floating. enFORMS come in 2 inch edges (8 ft. lengths) and are made of very pliable rubber that will easily wrap corners without mitering. enFORMS can be free formed into unique shapes for custom tops when poured on plywood or melamine. It is possible to make virtually any shape table or countertop using enFORMS.



  • Save money by using forms again
  • 3 unique edges are available
  • Bends to any shape
  • One of a kind texture



enFORMS can be purchased singular or by a case of 8.


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