Becoming a Distributor

Interested in becoming a distributor? Call Coyne at 866-906-2006 to discuss. These are the types of questions we will be reviewing:

  1. State and City business license.
  2. Federal Tax ID number.
  3. Retail business space; lease or ownership, with blue print or line drawing showing divided square footage. What is your business address? We’ll want to see a picture of your store front.
  4. Are you currently involved in the decorative concrete industry? How long?
  5. If you are not in decorative concrete, what is your current business? How long?
  6. What is your email address?
  7. Do you have a web site? What is your web address?
  8. How many employees do you currently have?

Coyne Edmison
866.906.2006 Fax 405.526.2008
125 N.E. 40th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

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